A business born on Green Turtle Cay

Mark and Carol Jean Lowe

When we say “nobody knows Green Turtle like we do,” we truly mean it. Kool Karts was established in 2006 by Mark and Carol Jean Lowe. Mark was born on Green Turtle with a family history spanning 13 generations on the island. Mark’s family opened the original grocery store, Lowes Food, in 1953 which became an island landmark. Mark’s great grandfather founded the first church on the island, the Church of God, and his Aunt Pearl was the last generation in the family to serve as the pastor. Carol Jean hails from the Pinder family, a well-respected name throughout the Islands. As long as she can remember, her family has been involved in the tourism industry. Her parents are well remembered for their popular taxi business on Marsh Harbour. Carol Jean spent much of her youth on the island of Scotland Cay, where she met her lifelong “U.S. family,” the Chasmars from Stuart, Florida. Her warm and generous nature has gained many great friends over the years. So many, her kids are constantly amazed, telling her “wherever you go, you always know someone!”

Kool Karts

“We love sharing our local knowledge, making new friends, and providing a service that puts a smile on peoples’ faces. We do everything possible to make sure our customers have a unique and wonderful experience on our beautiful island.”

– Carol Jean Lowe

Get to know Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle Cay was established in 1784 at the end of the American Revolutionary War by individuals who wished to stay loyal to the crown, fleeing New England after America gained its independence. These loyalists founded the village of New Plymouth, and soon families began arriving from Virginia and the Carolinas to pursue a way of life loyal to the crown.

New Plymouth is a picturesque town, built in the New England tradition and remains the only town on Green Turtle Cay.

Today, this beautiful island and its quaint little town is a destination for travelers from around the world seeking a place to get away, relax and enjoy a simpler way of life.

Green Turtle Cay offers beautiful beaches the entire length of the island on the Atlantic side and protected anchorages on the leeward side, such as Coco Bay, Black Sound, White Sound, and the Sea of Abaco.

The third largest barrier reef in the world runs along the island of Green Turtle, offering an abundance of amazing sea life. Hosting a number of excellent resorts and marinas and a wide range of rental options, Green Turtle is a popular destination for boaters and travelers worldwide offering amazing Places to Stay.

While relaxation is emphasized, there is never a lack of Things to Do on Green Turtle with world class fishing and snorkeling, endless exploring, and exciting excursions to nearby islands. The town is full of wonderful shops, historical landmarks, warm and friendly people and fabulous spots for dining and entertainment… all within easy reach on your Kool Kart.

Green Turtle Cay

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Mark: 242-577-0211

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